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Educational Afterschool Program in Decatur, AL

Our goal is to ensure your children have a place to go after school by maintaining a safe, welcoming environment for all. KTT Inc. takes in kids ages 5-13, providing them with a haven where they can focus and work on homework, study, read, or participate in one of the many activities we offer. Our afterschool program in Decatur, AL, is designed to ensure your child has a secure location to visit in the afternoon.

Summer Program

In addition to our afterschool program, we offer summer activities for kids. These allow you to feel confident that your children are being looked after while you're at work. We offer a comprehensive range of services and events that change weekly for both our afterschool activities and summer programs. These can include:

• Help with Homework
• Art Classes
• Basketball
• Swimming
• Museum Visits
• Bowling
• Skating
• Music
• Reading Programs
• Tutoring
• And Much More!
We will always notify all parents before embarking on any adventures outside of the facility, so you always know where your children are. A week-by-week schedule will be provied for summer activites.
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Educational Scholarship Program in Decatur, AL

Pricing & Scholarships

Our program costs $35 a week, and we are always looking for sponsors to assist with expenses and contribute to scholarship funds. Our organization is a nonprofit, so we rely on donations and fundraisers to keep things going. We can waive the fees if your child has a sponsor to cover the cost.


We are always looking for extra hands to help out. If you're interested in volunteering with us, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You will be required to fill out an application and undergo a background check to ensure you are qualified.

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